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Baby Jesus Statue Stolen

Baby Jesus Statue Stolen Biography
This holiday season, it may be better to give than to receive, but it's still awful to steal.
And it appears somebody did take off with the baby Jesus statue that was part of a manger scene outside the Chocolate Café in downtown South Bend.
The Messiah went missing, despite the fact that he was located across the street from a South Bend Police Substation.
“Just real disheartening to hear that given all the work that every body's doing to make the season real bright down here, all the time effort and energy that's gone into decorate the downtown plan all the events that someone would do something like this,” said Aaron Perri, Executive Director, DTSB . “It's a little disappointing to hear that.”
Despite the setback, downtown will still host First Friday festivities on the 8th, with fireworks and the arrival of Santa Claus.
A statue of a young Jesus in the arms of his father Joseph was smashed by vandals at the weekend.
Father Craig Butler found the remains of the head and hand of baby Jesus spread over the grounds of St Joseph's Church in New Plymouth at 6.30am on Saturday.
The statue sits at the side of the church beside a private walkway which is often used by the public, he said.
However he was philosophical about the damage of property.
If I heard one of my parishioners had lost his head it would be a lot worse.
"But you have to wonder what is going on in people's heads [to do this]. Are they hurting?''
On a deeper level, he said, Jesus himself was crucified, ''and he tends to challenge people. Whether it was deliberate or not I don't know. Vandalism is not acceptable''.
Father Butler said police had been informed.
The church had suffered vandalism around Chrismas time when doors were kicked in and toilets damaged.
Parishioners had been upset at their church being targetted.'People are upset, they are rattled. But it could be much worse, it could be a person.''
They would be saying a prayer for the person who did it.
''Ordinary people don't do this sort of thing
'I would like them to front up and say sorry. It would be good if they did.''
Fortunately vandalism at churches was rare and they were afforded the right respect.
'Most people do, thank God,'' Father Butler said.
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Baby Jesus is back at the Baxter County Courthouse after it turned up missing last week. The figure was found Wednesday. / Kevin Pieper/The Baxter Bulletin
The baby Jesus is safely back in the manger scene at the Baxter County Courthouse after going missing last week during a storm, according to a report by Baxter County deputy Kristofer Savino.
Matt Sanders, assistant maintenance superintendent for Baxter County, said he noticed the baby Jesus was missing following last week’s storm which brought heavy winds.
“When I got here after the storm, the wind had knocked over the Christmas tree and one of the wise men,” Sanders said. “Then I noticed the baby Jesus was missing. It weighs about 15 pounds, so there’s no way the wind blew it away.”
James Harding reported the theft to the Baxter County sheriff’s office Dec. 21. Five days later, the statue was returned to the courthouse, according to Sanders.
When we got to work on Wednesday, we found him up on the wall by the flower pots,” said Sanders. “Other than the writing, he looks like he’s fine.”
When the statue was returned, workers discovered someone had written “Merry Christmas!” in black ink on the statue’s left side.
The baby Jesus is worth $300, according to the report taken by Savino, making the theft a misdemeanor. The statue, along with the rest of the manger scene, is owned by Rick Spencer, who loans it to the county for display each year, Sanders said.
This is not the first time the statue has disappeared, according to Sanders, who said approximately five years ago, the baby Jesus was stolen and later returned.
Baby Jesus Statue Stolen 
Baby Jesus Statue Stolen 
Baby Jesus Statue Stolen 
Baby Jesus Statue Stolen 
Baby Jesus Statue Stolen 
Baby Jesus Statue Stolen 
Baby Jesus Statue Stolen 
Baby Jesus Statue Stolen 
Baby Jesus Statue Stolen 
Baby Jesus Statue Stolen 

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